Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Long Time

I've not blogged for a long time because I'm beginning to find this mode very tedious. Makes me wonder how some people can faithfully update their blogs. Perhaps, they have a much more colourful, eventful life than mine.

We were back in Singapore for some time. Business for Larry, leisure for me. Mistake: I was in Orchard Road on Day 1 of the GSS. My niece wisely reminded me that GSS was the Monster created to come after people like me. Ok, Monster, you win. Oh, I wasn't the only defeat. Larry lost to Food. He gained 4 kg during his 2 weeks in Singapore. Now, he is trying to shake it off, diligently. He played golf every other day and when there's no golf, he thrashed the treadmill and splashed the pool with menacing diligence.

We attended the Philippines National Day reception held by the ambassador here in Brunei. It was a welcome difference from the many functions we had attended thus far. The performances put up were impressive. The Philippines people are indeed very talented. But what surprised me was the dress code of some guests. I was shocked when I saw some came in bare-back or spaghetti-strap outfits. In Brunei? I thought this is disrespectful to a country where most women dress modestly. Nonetheless, this is only my perception.

However, the stated dress code on the card was 'National dress'. Of course, I was obedient. I wore my new Nonya Kebaya. Yes, I was another convert of the recently telecast 'Little Nonya'. I toyed with the idea of wearing my cheongsam, then I remembered I wanted to blend with the locals.

Since coming back to Brunei, we have been busy with dinners, both official and private. Oh yes, we are heading back to Singapore for another week soon. I hope this time both of us will not be defeated agian.