Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Hobby

Ok, I'm getting tired of this "all meals, dishes, laundry, cleaning done for me' lifestyle. So, I found a new hobby. Started on it today and it took me half a day to complete one piece. I must say it was satisfying.

Besides, I do not want to mislead anyone (who may not have a sense of humour similar to mine) into thinking I am, indeed, living a derogatory lifestyle. Nonetheless, it is very relaxing and refreshing for us in this new place.

Brunei is quiet, slow and 'non-eventful', which we are grateful. I figured Bruneians should be enjoying quality family life because there is nothing much to do at night, except meeting friends and families. Of course, there are amenities for leisure e.g. movies, dining-out, shopping, etc but certainly nothing close to Singapore. We, too, dine-out quite a bit with new friends we have made here.

To allay the concerns of our caring churchmates, we do have a church life here but you will notice we don't blog about it. This being a public platform, we don't want to touch on religion.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Golf and Dinners

It's another busy week for Larry. If you're familiar with our entries, you'll know that a busy week for Larry means golf games and dinners. And if you read the newspapers, you'll know the reason, too.

Our helper has arrived and, so far, processing her work permit has been smooth. This may sound derogatory, but since her arrival, I have been getting up late. All meals done for me and all dishes, laundry and cleaning taken care of. As Larry often exclaimed: What a life! Alright, before you passed judgement on me, note that I've done my share. Perhaps, it's time to enjoy the fruit of my labour, rather the fruit of my better-half's labour.

I've rented a car because I cannot decide on which car, what car to buy. In this indecisive state, rental is my best option. However, driving in Brunei can be nerve-wrecking. There are only 2 types of drivers: very fast and very slow. Most roads are 2-lanes, you can imagine the frustration. And there are so many roundabouts, you can be giddy if you've to drive all day.

Sequel to my 'disappeared dress': I saw the same design/size/color dress at Rauol in Paragon. If you know me, you will know the outcome.