Thursday, December 25, 2008


I was never keen on 'blogging': writing or reading. Now, I'm subscribed to this mode of communication. Perhaps, it's the most convenient way to tell others that we're still alive while we're away from home. At least, for those who are still keen to know.

And finally, we are connected with the world! Setting up Internet here was quite a challenge. I will not dwell on the arduous tasks. It's history now.

It would have been more appropriate to have started this blog on Day 1 on our arrival here: 10 November 08, remembering my 'Internet challenge', suffice to say I am glad to make it before two months slipped by.

Since moving into our house, I have been busy setting up the place. This meant waiting at home for all the relevant workers, agencies, etc to put the house in order. In Brunei, this could mean a few visits for one job! I was only able to sneak out once to the gym. Actually, twice. The second one was a much-needed massage: at Empire. Befitting its name, the Empire massage, ambient, service, everything in it was worth every cent spent.

Larry has been busy with golf and badminton games. If he was younger, I would invest to turn him into a pro. At his age, he surprised me. His evening routine is a 45-minute run on the treadmill, a few laps at the pool, cool down at the jacuzzi. He's definitely making good use of the pool and jacuzzi!

Today we attended the Chinese Christmas service because we were at the English Christmas-eve service. The speaker for both services was a Pastor Lawrence from Singapore. He preached a straight-to-the-point Gospel message. Haven't heard a factually simple Gospel message for a long time.

After dinner, we drove to Gadong (Orchard Road equivalent) and shared a banana-split at the Swenson. Simple lifestyle but sweet, and I'm not referring to the ice-cream.

I'll upload some pictures of our house when I've time.

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