Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Embarrassment vs Pride

A friend was at the HSBC CNY open house last Sunday. The 2 emcees for the event were Fiona Xie and Michelle Chong from Media Corp. Predictably, I should feel a sense of pride to hear that my fellowmen (women) were popular to be invited. But as I listened to my friend's recount of the event, I was embarrassed. I guessed you know what I mean.

I was actually quite surprised by this friend's criticisms because she is often a very polite and gentle lady. She works for the French embassy here and knows her diplomacy. She was very apologetic but stressed that she was very disappointed with the 2 ladies' performance. She is a great fan of Singapore, especially MM Lee.

By the way, MM Lee is coming to Brunei as a guest-spearker of the University. Now, this one I'm proud of as I overheard this lady-friend advising our Kenyan friend not to miss the talk. I quote her "You MUST listen to Lee Kuan Yew, he's worth listening to. I've great respect for this man." I may not be related to MM Lee, but I felt that sense of pride when a foreigner praised a fellow citizen. We're Singaporeans.

Aiyah! I got an invite to MM Lee's talk but I'll be in Singapore. So sad!

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