Friday, February 6, 2009

Laugh it off

Ha, ha more funny encounters.

Experience 1:
I sent a dress to the laundry for dry-cleaning last week. when I went to collect yesterday, I was told it was lost! How many of us have our clothes 'lost' while in the hands of the laundry? Even my driver laughed in disbelief when I told him.

This is the laundry's explanation:
It could have been given by mistake to another customer, who decided to keep it. How convenient an explanation! Always blame someone for your mistakes: the essential skill Adam passed on to us.

But the counter staff told me the dress was missing even before the dress was ready for collection, because when she tried to collate all my items, she discovered it was gone. Did someone like my dress so much?

The owner of the laundry called me personally to apologise and offered a full compensation for my dress. I went shopping after that and bought myself 3 new outfits. Thanks to the 'kind soul' who kept my dress. Enjoy wearing it.

Experience 2:
My sister-in-law visited us and I brought her to an 'upmarket' home decor boutique, wanting to show her some real expensive stuff in Brunei. I visited this shop 4 times, but have yet to buy something, and on all 4 occasions I was the only shopper. Guessed what? While we were busy checking and commenting on the exquisite displays, HRH Princess Sarah walked in with her ladies-in-waiting and we did not even know! We crossed path but she was so casual in her attire I did not even take a second look. On the contrary I noticed the ladies-in-waiting and thought something was unusual. We only knew she was shopping in our midst when our driver told us. How I wished I had taken a look at her instead of the displays because this Princess is very pretty. Her casual attire misled me! She is a real beauty and can easily robbed the tiara off any beauty queen!

Now, our driver is not a nosy person. He told us only because we saw the convoy of HRH Crown Prince Billah (husband of the Princess) on our way back to the embassy. Really chu meng yu gui ren for my sister-in-law. Her first visit to Brunei and both the Prince and Princess were out to 'receive' her.

And yes, dear friend, thank you for reminding me that I hold a pink not red IC. You see, I only need to use my red passport here.

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