Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor Singaporeans!

Everything in Singapore is so EXPENSIVE! Ok, I'm comparing it to Brunei. I paid $11 for a promfret in Brunei, which is fresh from the fisherman's basket at the beach market, but the fishmonger in Bedok market wanted to charge me more than $90 for a same sized promfret. The same brand and volume of olive oil is $16.65 in Brunei but $17.90 in Parkway Giant. Even if the retailers are cashing in on the festive season, the price difference is hard to stomach.

Petrol is fixed at 53 cents/litre, parking is free, car is cheap. The Lexus GS300 is only $83000 in Brunei. Water is almost free. The pastor in our Brunei church, who lives in a rented flat, told us his water bill is so low the authority won't even bother to bill him! He has not paid for water for years.

After a few months of simple life in Brunei, I can understand why Bruneians are not envious of the Singapore life even though most of them enjoy coming here, quite frequently, for their shopping trips.

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