Thursday, January 8, 2009

This post is so disconnected I don't even know how to title it.

These coming weeks will be busy weeks for Larry but fun, loads of golfing fun. This weekend, next weekend, golf, golf and more golf. Best part (for some), this is his job, too.
This means I'll be home alone for both weekends. Guessed what? The curtain contractor wants to install the new curtains during weekends! The owner is changing our video-doorbell system this weekend. Weekends 'pao tang le' !

We're invited to a most unusual Malay wedding scheduled for the following Monday. So unusual that 2 senior officials from Singapore will fly in to attend. You would have guessed right: a senior government official's daughter's wedding. I think it will be a wedding attended by the Who's Who of Brunei.

I'll miss my family's reunion dinner this year. A dinner I never want to miss. The food, the laughter, the long hours of chat... I would have returned earlier to catch this dinner if not for the Malay wedding. Have to perform some official duties. I'm sure it's the beginning of many more to come.

Last week I sent my Toshiba to a computer service outlet, a week later they called to inform they can't solve the problem! How difficult is it? If I have the recovery disk with me here, I would have done it. Computer technology here, if it exists at all, is like the 70s! Oh yes, they sell the latest computers. Sell, that's all. I think they should add a disclaimer: buy at your own risk!

One of our neighbours has been firing their fire crackers almost every evening. It scared me the first time. It sounded like burst car tyre. It went off another evening while I was taking my bath. Sounded like someone's knocking on my door. I turned off the tap and kept on asking 'What is it?', thinking that Larry was knocking on my door. I saw it, finally, the other night. It shot up into the sky like fireworks! Different designs and very beautiful, although not as great as those mega fireworks. Many thanks to my government, I dare not try the fire crackers even though I am greatly tempted and it's LEGAL here. Pray, lead me into temptation.

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  1. what is wrong with your Toshiba? a computer service outlet may not be able to solve the problem, you may need to send to a proper Toshiba Service Center. maybe it is time to upgrade ;P