Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tasek Park

There is plenty for nature lovers in Brunei. Tasek is one of many nature reserves, a pocket of rainforests right in the heart of Bandar. Very little development is done so as to retain the natural beauty of this park.

We were at the park last Saturday. The place is usually crowded in the evening. Joggers and trekkers flood this place in the weekends. But the crowd also makes exercising a lot more fun.

Larry is standing at the entrance to the park. Like many other attractions in Brunei: admission is free. The park closes at 6.30 pm.

This hut in the picture looks like a chalet for rental, perhaps. (I am not sure.) We saw a party-like set up while we were there.

For the less adventurous, there is only one paved road in the park that leads to the peak. Behind the fence is the lake, also the source of the waterfall.

If you have noticed, these pictures below were taken on a separate day.

We were deep in the trail. It was trekking with great faith. We had no idea where we were heading, no map, no signboards, no guides. We just followed some of the joggers and trekkers we met along the way. Most of them were so fast, we quickly lost sight of them.

A view of the park on higher grounds.

The descend was steep for me. Thankfully, wooden handrails were provided.

Finally, job done!

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