Saturday, January 3, 2009

So Close!

We were the 2nd car on the right lane, stopped for the red light. There were cars stopped on the left lane. It was a 2-lane road.

4 outriders on their iron horses breezed down the middle, waving one hand each, frantically getting the motorists to ease right or left. Hey, but it was a 2-lane road! Larry told me it's him as he recalled a similar incident a few weeks ago. I was thrilled; I would catch a glimpse of him. But we were been waved on. So close!

Then the white car in front of us did not move despite been waved furiously. Perhaps he was as thrilled as I. Still, the red sea parted. The cars on the left lane inched onto the pavement. All other cars stood still. The black car came up the road. I was sure. I got a glimpse of him. I think he looked my way too. He was driving his own car. He was alone in his car. Another car followed closely behind. Larry said he seemed to like to drive his own car.

The licence plate was some P... something. It was too fast. Not enough time for me to even say 'His Majesty.....'.

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